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Combining more than 26 years of research and experience with cutting-edge ingredient technology, Piel Canela delivers the next generation of skin care products carefully formulated to meet the needs of today’s consumer.  Each product is created to address specific skin care concerns by applying a variety of Poly-Peptides, Humectants, Emollients, Vitamins, Plant Botanicals, Essential Oils, Minerals and Skin Conditioners. These extraordinary products are formulated to Rejuvenate, Invigorate, Protect, Moisturize and aid in the restoration of the integrity of the skin.

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PIEL CANELA literally means “cinnamon skin”. Figuratively means HONEY-COLORED SKIN.  In Spanish, PIEL CANELA is a very powerful phrase, which is used to address anyone who has a beautiful evenly tanned skin.  There are poems, songs, movies and other stories inspired by Piel Canela.


Legend has it that in a small town by the sea in a tropical place, there was this beautiful girl of unknown origin. They say this girl was around 17 years old; she possessed a feline charm, a heavenly body and a great looking honey-colored, soft skin. The story says that she was a kind of Deity or enchantress since with her grace and charisma she was able to mesmerize those who were around her. She was a sweet young woman very different from the rest; she always had a smile on her face and she was down to earth with everyone.


Men, were captivated by her enigmatic beauty; women were jealous of her radiant and silky skin and they desired to have a sensuous body and sculpted waist just like hers; even mermaids wanted to have the sparkle in her eyes and the color of her lustrous hair. When she was passing by, she left behind her an ethereal and captivating mango-like perfume and a mystic tropical flower breeze.

One good day that beautiful girl disappeared; people in town believe that a divine power turned her into a star and sent her to heavens. No one ever knew anything about her anymore, but ever since, her essence, her mystery, her beauty her scent and energy remained embodied in each little corner of the picturesque town by the sea.


The story of this legend inspired the origin of the name for our company:



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